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tween two real heavyweights of the industry. The Xbox One vs PS4 fight for festive supremacy ratcheted up a notch recently when Sony announced the release details of the latest incarnation of their ever popular console, with the official date named as November 15th. The onus thus shifted to Microsoft, with gamers eager for the home computing giant to finally reveal when they will be able to get their hands on the third generation of the Xbox console. A recent announcement from Microsoft informs us that the date in question will be November 22nd, just one week after the Sony release.
Xbox One vs PS4
Although most of us wont get the chance to test drive either console until the run-up to Christmas is well under way, we do at least have enough information about what we can expect to be able to make some comparisons. So, on paper at least, we can see just how these eagerly anticipated next generation consoles stack up against each other. So, without further ado, let’s take a look of the tale of the tape.
With both manufacturers opting for a chip-set made by AMD, hardware comparisons are made all the easier. Both consoles are fitted with the same 8 core processor, with average clock speeds of 1.6GHz. Verdict: Dead heat!
Although they both sport an impressive AMD GPU, the PS4 does significantly more so with 50% more power than the Xbox One. The raw stats tell us that the Playstation 4′s GPU has 1152 cores while the Xbox One’s has 768. Verdict: PS4 takes a slight lead.
With the marginally faster GDDR5 8GB memory, the Playstation 4 again comes with the better hardware. The Xbox One uses the slower GDDR3 8GB memory. Verdict: PS4 begins to pull clear.
Another aspect where there is nothing to separate the two Goliaths is in the storage department, with them both boasting an ample 500GB hard drive for storing games. Verdict: Xbox One still in hot pursuit.
Both consoles have internet connectivity via Ethernet cable and WiFi, DVD & Blu-Ray compatible drives, and HDMI output. Interestingly though, the Xbox One will comes shipped with the Kinect 2 included in the bundle. Verdict: Xbox One draws level.
The most important statistic for many potential buyers is how hard will they be hit in the pocket. The Xbox One will set you back $499.99. The Playstation 4 however is a significant $100 cheaper, ringing up at $399.99. Verdict: PS4 pulls away to take a slight lead.

Will the PS4′s Extra Muscle Make A Difference?

Playstation 4In all fairness, the differences between the Xbox One vs PS4 are pretty minor. And, with games that are released on both platforms, the slight hardware superiority of the Playstation 4 wont even get utilized anyway. This is because games are not developed separately for each console. Rather games will undergo one single development process, and then get ported to each console for final testing and eventual release. Therefore each game will have to be developed so that it only meets the hardware specifications of the device with the lower spec, to ensure it will run on both devices. Only games that are developed solely for use on the PS4 can take advantage of its extra beef, and even then the difference is unlikely to be very significant anyway.

PS4 at

Can The Xbox One Recover From A Shaky Start?

Xbox OneWhen the Xbox One was first announced, Microsoft released details of certain restrictions people would encounter with their new console. Firstly, they decided that each set would need to connect to the Internet daily in order for it to continue to operate. Secondly, they spoke of plans to use a new type of DRM (Digital Rights Management) on all titles that would restrict your ability so sell old unwanted games and to lend games to friends. With the gaming public in uproar over Microsoft’s approach to their gaming freedom, and the new Playstation 4 surging in popularity as a result, Microsoft appear to have realised that they shot themselves in the foot big time. In August, Microsoft backtracked and announced it had cancelled these planned restrictions. That leaves the playing field much more even, but it remains to be seen if it is enough to catch up to the PS4.

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